Common signs of hearing loss

What Causes Hearing Loss

You may experience hearing loss for a variety of reasons. It could be genetic, age-related, or other surprising factors such as obesity, exposure to loud music for extended periods, smoking and even drugs like Aspirin and Advil can affect your ears.

If you think you are suffering from some form of hearing loss, it is important to get your ears checked right away. Leaving hearing loss unaddressed can lead to other health issues like depression and dementia.

Common signs of hearing loss

  • You have trouble hearing on the phone
  • You have difficulty following a conversation when people are talking at the same time
  • Others complain that your TV is too loud
  • You’re tired from straining to hear conversations
  • You have trouble hearing in noisy environments
  • You ask people to repeat themselves often
  • You misunderstand what people say
  • You become annoyed and frustrated during conversation

You may be missing important sounds and not know it. If you recognize a few of these signs, it is a good idea to have your hearing tested. 


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