Using the latest 3D printing technology to manufacture the best solutions for a variety of hearing amplification and hearing protection applications.

Our 3D Scanner and Earmold Printing Lab enables us to provide you with custom fitting earmolds and earplugs for many applications, including music, noise reduction, swimming, and sleeping.

The Perfactory 3 Digital Shell Printer Envision Tec’s Perfactory 3 Digital Shell Printer can build up to 40 shells in 2-3 hours as the DLP process cures all parts simultaneously. The resolution is transferred into the highest quality surface finishes achievable by any rapid manufacturing process. This machine is the preferred choice for leading hearing aid manufacturers.

If you would like to order a pair of custom earplugs, please contact us or see below for more information.

High-Frequency Noise Filter (Hocks)

These custom earplugs contain a patented acoustical chamber and filter to attenuate sound to appropriate levels. The filter allows speech but removes loud high-frequency noise.

  • Great for machining equipment or similar

Swimming Plugs

Our custom-fit swimming earplugs completely seal out water. They also float on the water and come with a vinyl cord attached to reduce the chance of losing them.

  • Full shell style
  • Made with 25 shore silicone

Solid Earplugs

Custom-fit earplugs that provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments.

  • Suitable for hunting and industrial applications

Sleeping Earplugs

Wake up feeling refreshed by using our custom earplugs made of soft material that fit comfortably in your ear to reduce ambient noise while sleeping.

  • Full shell or canal style
  • Made with 40 shore silicone
  • Earplug includes a nail grip or a short removal string

Musicians Earplugs

Play your best music with our custom-fit earplugs that attenuate across all frequencies rather than just low- and mid-range frequencies, making music sound much clearer and natural.

  • Interchangeable dB filters for desired protection
  • Made with 60 shore silicone
  • We offer ER 9, 15, 25 dB filters
  • We offer MINI 10, 17, 26 dB filters

Material Options

There are several different material options for our moulds to be made in. Hard acrylic is most commonly used for moulds made to fit hearing devices, while silicone is more often used for noise protection.