One in three seniors will experience some form of hearing loss. And sadly, most of them will suffer in silence instead of seeking treatment. As a reputable hearing centre, we’ve heard all kinds of excuses for why many people avoid getting hearing aids when they should. If the following reasons below ring true to why you’ve been avoiding hearing aids, we invite you to come visit us for a free consultation.

They’re Simply Unaware

Many seniors simply don’t know they have a hearing problem, even when the signs are obvious. If you experience trouble hearing someone over the phone, find it difficult to follow conversations, need to turn the TV up louder than you used to, or struggle to hear in an environment with background noise, you should see a doctor to take a hearing test. If you’ve noticed that your loved one is experiencing these things, offer to go with them to their consultation.

They Fear The Unknown

Not everyone copes easily with the unknown. For some, they know they have a problem but are too scared to address it. They are concerned about looking old, being treated differently, and some are simply afraid of change, even if that change will improve their overall wellbeing. However, living in fear of your hearing condition will only prolong treatment and lead to social isolation, depression and a number of other challenges.

They’re In Denial

A majority of seniors are also in denial about their hearing loss. If you’ve been coming up with excuses and have been trying to convince yourself that the reason you can’t follow conversations at a restaurant is that it’s too noisy or that hearing loss is a normal part of ageing – you’re in denial. Denial can be a dangerous thing because when you deny that you have a problem, you’re also delaying the treatment that could help.

They’re Holding Back

Others are often convinced that their situation will improve. They see it as a temporary condition that will likely go away on its own. Unfortunately, that is not the case with hearing problems. Untreated hearing issues will only get worse with time even if you’ve been avoiding it.

They Don’t Want To Be A Burden

Why do so many seniors avoid hearing aids even when they know they have a problem? They don’t want to be a burden on their family. However, hearing loss affects not just the person with the condition, but those who communicate with them regularly too. In fact, living with a hearing problem is more of a burden on those around you than asking for help. Having to shout to be heard, constantly repeating oneself, and putting up with a blaring TV, can be frustrating and exhausting to others and can negatively impact your relationship in the long term.

They Worry About Price

The thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a hearing device that might not work is one reason why people avoid getting them in the first place. Fortunately, our clinic can help you find a model at a price that suits your budget. Today’s hearing aids come in a wide range of styles and price points, and we will make sure that you are only fitted with ones that work for you. We even offer financing options if you need assistance.

They Think It Will Be Complicated

Not all seniors are tech-savvy. Many are concerned that they won’t know how to operate the hearing aid properly, and it will just be a waste of money. However, we can attest that the latest hearing aids are very simple to operate (even easier than your remote control). We’ll take all the time necessary to show you how to use it and answer any of your questions. That’s what we are here for!

Did you know that most people with hearing issues wait years before they seek the treatment they need? In fact, many seniors wait until their quality of life has completely dwindled before seeking help. However, you should know that help is right around the corner! Our trained doctors are ready to help you in a safe and comfortable environment. Visit us at, and we’ll help you regain control of your life by fitting you with the right hearing aid for your condition and budget.