Many hearing aids consist of parts that sit behind the ear with wires going to an in-ear or in-canal piece. However, did you know that there are much smaller alternatives out there? At, we’re excited to offer the latest and greatest in hearing solutions, so when we heard of the Starkey Muse hearing aids, we couldn’t wait to get them in stock! Let’s explore this ultra-unique model today – a hearing aid so small, you can’t see it in most circumstances.

A Stealthy Hearing Solution

Don’t want to feel “old” around friends despite suffering hearing loss? No worries, the Starkey Muse is custom-fitted for a precise fit in your ear canal. It boasts a unique, ultra-compact design that still manages to deliver absolute clarity and reliability. The Muse’s design is also lighter, protecting against it popping out or not providing an accurate seal. If you’re uncomfortable about others noticing your hearing aids, know that you’re not alone. This model is a tiny, stealthy solution that will go unnoticed in almost all circumstances!

Supreme Sound Quality

The Starkey Muse is a favourite amongst customers because of the incredible sound it produces – it’s really amazing, considering how tiny it is! Using state-of-the-art technology and highly sensitive microphones, it picks up even the faintest noises and ensures you have full awareness with crisp, clear audio quality.

A Variety of Styles

Are you interested in a certain type of hearing aid, such as an in-the-ear (ITE) model? Starkey and have got you covered, as the Muse model comes in a wide variety of styles! From completely in-canal to in-ear and behind-ear variants, there’s something for everyone. This also ensures every customer interested in the Muse enjoys their favourite style, customized to suit their preferences.

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Easier Hearing in Challenging Environments

Movie theatres, noisy offices, family get-togethers… the list of difficult hearing environments just goes on and on! Fortunately, life – and conversation – is made easier with the Starkey Muse hearing aid. This little device features acuity directionality, which is a specialized technology that improves speech audibility in situations when it’s harder to hear properly.

No Distortion? No Problem

Starkey Muse is a powerful little hearing aid, but with that power also comes control. Built of superior-quality components and optimized for comfort, it avoids nasty buzzing and whining sensations thanks to its feedback cancellation system. Along with distortion-free audio, you get a more comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. It’s even great for hearing music the way the artist intended thanks to its pure, accuracy-focused sound signature.

The Ideal Hearing Aid for Tinnitus Sufferers

A favourite feature of the Starkey Muse among many customers is its Tinnitus relief technology. This works to alleviate the sensation of ringing in the ears, helping you focus more on conversations and the world around you. Customizable Tinnitus relief has never been cooler or more convenient!

Wireless Streaming

It’s hard to believe, but hearing aids this small can still stream audio from your smartphone, TV and other devices! What’s more, the quality is fantastic and wireless performance is even better than some other models. No worrying about missing your shows or a phone call here.

All in all, we think the Starkey Muse is one of the best small – no, tiny­ ­– hearing aids available. If you’re looking for a stealthy hearing solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality, reliability or special features, these are a great choice! Visit us online at to book an appointment for a custom fitting.