When it comes to finding a hearing clinic, there are many different options available. But if one thing’s for sure, there are plenty of benefits in choosing local hearing clinics over large companies. Beyond the fact that you get to support local, you also get a more personalized level of support that is unique to smaller clinics. Allow us to explain what our business does differently than the big guys.

We Invest in Ourselves

Our business is much more than the products we sell — we’re all about the people who work here. With a local company like ours that is based on family values, we take our hiring process very seriously. Our team is like one big family with shared core values of integrity and service. Before we hire, we screen potential candidates for their experience, level of training, and whether they are friendly, professional, honest, and sincere. Being a great person is just as important to us as being an experienced worker.

We Take Customer Service Seriously

Nothing is more frustrating than calling to talk to a person and getting redirected over and over again, especially if you suffer from hearing problems. It not only makes you feel unimportant, but it makes you feel like a number and less like an appreciated client. That’s why we stand behind our business model that focuses on superior customer service and support. We know how difficult it is to receive adequate customer support from big businesses these days, which is why we make sure to go above and beyond with each and every one of our clients. We get to know who you are, and we treat you with the respect that you deserve whether on the phone or when you visit our clinic.

We Stand Behind Our Products 100%

We stand behind all the services that we offer. We don’t just sell them to make a living — we sell them because they work and are the best hearing solution products on the market.

We are Committed to Excellence

A local business needs to maintain a good reputation in their area in order to stay in business, unlike large corporations. Every one of our team members has a substantial stake in how the business does at every level. When our customers are happy and rave about our services and products, we all benefit from it. Your testimonials are what keep us going day in and day out, and for this reason, we are committed to maintaining a level of excellence in everything we do.

We Have to Stay Ahead to Get Ahead

With all the competition out there, we have to stay one step ahead to remain competitive. To do this, we focus on staying up to date with all the latest in technology and advanced methods in our field.

Our Neighbours are Our Customers

Many larger companies operate far and wide, which leaves a disconnect between the customers and the staff serving them. Because we operate in the same city in which we live and work, we care about the level of service that we provide to our neighbours, friends, and family. We want everything to be done right the first time, within your available budget, and beyond your expectations.

One Shared Vision

Our vision goes far beyond short-term success. We focus on the future and continually providing our customers with the best in hearing aid technology. In fact, each and every one of our team members shares the same vision. It’s rare to say the same about every member of a larger company.

Innovative and Forward-Thinking

Large companies often get stuck in a bubble focusing on the back-end more than the customers due to their sheer size and complexity. With a smaller local business like eHearing.com, we can pivot as often and whenever necessary in order to stay in line with our customers’ wants and needs. We are a new kind of company that focuses on innovative and forward-thinking practices in the field of hearing solutions.

As you can see, there are many benefits of choosing local hearing clinics over large companies. But don’t take our word for it, just take a look at all the positive testimonials that we have received for our products and services. At eHearing.com, we offer affordable hearing solutions with the services of a hearing clinic.

We are a Canadian-to-the-bone local business offering hearing aids, amplifiers, and batteries online as well through our Ottawa-based clinic. You can pop into our clinic at any time or shop online from the comfort of your home. When you’re ready to visit a hearing company, we invite you to try us out — book a free hearing test today and come experience the difference of a local hearing clinic.