Now until the end of December 2019, you can save with our End of Year Inventory Clearout! We have limited stock so don’t wait!

We are clearing out our Premium Bernafon Viron 9 and Premium Bernafon Viron 7 hearing aids. To ensure the product is right for you (and your lifestyle), we are giving you the chance to demo the hearing aids – free for 2 weeks – with no upfront cost! 

Bernafon’s first True Environment Processing hearing aid lets users immerse themselves in the natural sound environment and experience sound which is simply closer to reality.

Viron 9

The perfect choice for active people looking for the maximum benefits of today’s hearing system technology. Regular price of $2,495, down to $1,695.

Viron 7

The perfect choice for people who are looking for hearing aids that are easy to use, fully automatic in most situations, and provide a high level of listening comfort. Regular price of $1,695, down to $1,295.

*Prices do not include ADP discount and dispensing fees (Ontario only). Prices cannot be guaranteed once stock has been sold. 

Why Choose eHearing?

  • Save $800 with our Inventory Clearout Sale on Bernafon Viron 9 Hearing Aids.
  • Free 2 week trial – with no upfront cost – on the latest Premium Hearing Aids.
  • Save $400 with our Inventory Clearout Sale on Bernafon Viron 7 Hearing Aids.
  • Buy 2 Get 1 FREE battery promo.
  • We provide Premium Hearing Aids at wholesale prices with professional services.

Bernafon | Viron 9 | Viron 7

Understanding speech helps us connect with the people that matter and lets us take part in those moments we don’t want to miss out on. Bernafon hearing aids make sure speech and other important sounds are just as they should be. Because it’s more than better hearing, it’s what comes from it.

Options for being connected to the world are greater than ever!

2.4 GHz Bluetooth® wireless technology

Viron hearing aids are made for iPhone® and allow for direct communication and control with an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® touch. With 2.4 GHz technology, users can enjoy sound streaming directly to their hearing aids.


The SoundClip-A is a versatile accessory for boundless sound streaming and “made for all phones” hands-free phone conversations to both ears. It is compatible with Android, iPhone® and many other 2.4 GHz standard Bluetooth® audio devices.

Rechargeable miniRITE T R

Viron miniRITE T R is Bernafon’s first rechargeable hearing instrument to feature a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides power for a full day of use including sound streaming and phone calls.

EasyControl-A app

With the EasyControl-A app for Viron hearing aids, you can conveniently and discreetly regulate volume, change program, mute hearing aids, view battery status, etc. all with just a simple touch. There is also a “Find my hearing instrument” to help you locate your hearing aids.

TV-A (TV adapter)

For clear and sharp listening to the TV, let the sound come directly from your TV to your hearing aids by using the TV-A. This makes watching TV more comfortable and enjoyable, as not everyone wants to listen at the same volume level.

RC-A (Remote Control)

You can adjust your hearing instruments with an easy-to-use remote control with clearly visible buttons. It is lightweight and extremely discreet. Volume changes, for example, are so easy to make with this small device.

*All smartphones with Bluetooth® from 2010 onwards.

Our premium zinc air hearing aid batteries are $19.99 (boxes of 60) and are available in a variety of sizes:

* Simply add 3 boxes of batteries to your cart and receive 1 FREE!

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