Considering just how much you depend on your hearing aids to help you hear and engage with the world around you, taking the time to maintain them is essential for enjoying everyday life to the fullest. Remember, these small and discreet devices contain complex and powerful components within them. They require delicate care to protect them from damage and to keep them running smoothly. To ensure your ears get the best, unlimited level of enjoyment and sound, follow these maintenance tips to help keep your hearing aid in prime condition.

Always Place a Cloth Under when Cleaning

Since these devices are small and delicate, it can be easy to drop, damage, or lose parts when you’re cleaning them or simply switching out the battery. To keep yours safe from any accidental slips, we always recommend placing a cloth on a counter and making any adjustments with it beneath your device. This will provide a little safety net in case any parts slip from your hands and fall (it also cushions the device nicely from the solid surface below). Also, make sure to keep away from any sinks when handling your hearing aid to prevent them from falling down the drain (trust us).

Always Remove Hearing Aids Before Entering a Pool or Sauna

As advanced as these devices are, they’re not equipped to endure water damage. Since they’re not waterproof, remember to always remove them before entering the shower, pool, hot tub, or even sauna, since the steam can impact them as well. Store them in a safe place and only insert them again once your ears and hands are completely dry.

Wear a Hat to Shield them from the Cold

When the harsh winter weather rolls around, those icy cold temperatures can impact how your hearing aids perform. To safeguard them, don’t forget to wear a hat to keep both your head and hearing aids safe and protected from the weather. Remember — 30-below weather isn’t friendly to any electronics!

Remove them When Getting an X-Ray

For any type of X-ray, CT scan, or MRI, hearing aids should always be removed. Even though there hasn’t been a whole lot of evidence to dictate any serious concerns, it’s always better to steer on the side of caution and prevent any damage by removing them first.

Store Properly When Not in Use

When your hearing aids are not being used, throwing them on your nightstand or the kitchen table can leave them vulnerable to damage. It’s important to remember how intricate and compact these things are. Keep them safe and in the best condition every time you take them out by placing them in a designated hearing aid dehumidifier as outlined by your hearing specialist. This will help to absorb and remove any moisture that may latch on to them during the day while you’re wearing them. It will also remind you of where they are at all times when they’re not being used. Don’t forget to remove the batteries before placing them away in their case.

Avoid Getting Hair Products on them

Another simple but important reminder to help keep your hearing aid in prime condition is to avoid getting any products like hair gel or hairspray, on your devices. This goes for makeup too. These can hinder their ability to function properly and damage the quality of sound. So if you need to apply any products in the vicinity of your ears, do so before placing them in.

Clean them Every Day

If you notice that your hearing aids aren’t functioning as well as they used to, consider how often you clean them. Our body produces sweat and earwax which we’re not always in tune with. While the hearing aids are placed in your ears, they can absorb your sweat and earwax which can obstruct the control of the volume and impact the microphone. That’s why daily cleanings are essential for avoiding these problems and allowing you to hear properly. You should have professional cleanings performed by your audiologist, but since this isn’t a feasible solution every day, you should also be cleaning regularly yourself. Always follow the steps explained by the manufacturer or your audiologist for cleaning them at home.

By following these maintenance tips, you can fully embrace and enjoy the ability to hear every experience that you encounter. At, we offer the latest hearing aid technologies, including all of the accessories you need to maintain them properly. If you simply need advice or a free hearing test, our on-site hearing instrument specialist will gladly assist you.

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